Based on Research Conducted at OSLC

Scientists and national experts integrate knowledge to help fill the gaps in drug abuse prevention research, practice, and policy.

Project Overview

The Center for Drug Abuse Prevention in the Child Welfare System brought together scientists and national experts to integrate knowledge from 32 federally-funded completed and ongoing studies to help fill the gaps in drug abuse prevention research, practice, and policy. Within this framework, the team sought to provide more informed conceptualization of evidence-based interventions for children and families in the Child Welfare System, increase implementation of these interventions, and, ultimately, reduce the incidence of drug abuse and related problems.

Led by Principal Investigator John Reid, the Center included 11 multi-disciplinary scientists and an external advisory board comprised of local and national experts in child services, policy, and substance use research. The Center’s senior scientists included Patricia Chamberlain, Dave DeGarmo, Phil Fisher, John Landsverk, Leslie Leve, and Katherine Pears. The Center also supported the professional development of four scientists (Jackie Bruce, Hyoun Kim, Lisa Saldana, and Dana Smith).

Specifically, the Center had three primary focus areas: the relationship between stress, neurobiology, and genetics and drug abuse; the role of fathers in the child welfare system; and an economic evaluation of a set of child welfare costs related specifically to the placement of children in out-of-home care.

Year Project Began: 2008
Funder: National Institute on Drug Abuse