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The Oregon Social Learning Center is a non-profit, collaborative, multidisciplinary research center dedicated to increasing the scientific understanding of social and psychological processes related to healthy development and family functioning. We apply that understanding to the design and evaluation of interventions that strengthen children, adolescents, families, and communities.

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We’re pleased to provide a number of useful resources for parents, clinicians, and teachers, including a searchable database of publications by OSLC scientists.

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Covid-19: Our Response.

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KITS Year 1 Outcomes
  • For the child readiness groups, 83% attended at least half of the classes; 42% attended three-fourths of the sessions
  • For the parent groups, 47% attended at least half but only 22% attended three-fourths of the sessions
  • Summer attendance was better: Average attendance for children in the summer was 80%; this fell to 38% during the fall
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Science Spotlights: Family-based Treatments For Disruptive Behavior Problems In Children And Adolescents

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