A non-profit research center dedicated to strengthening children, families, and communities.

The Oregon Social Learning Center is a non-profit, collaborative, multidisciplinary research center dedicated to increasing the scientific understanding of social and psychological processes related to healthy development and family functioning. We apply that understanding to the design and evaluation of interventions that strengthen children, adolescents, families, and communities.

We Support Transgender Youth
We Support Transgender Youth


As a group, we have published approximately 1,000 articles in scientific journals, written more than 200 chapters in textbooks about children and adolescents and their families, published several books, and made many films, videotapes, and audiotapes on parenting. We also have been highlighted in popular national magazines such as Atlantic Monthly, Family Circle, and Psychology Today as well as on national and international television programs.


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OSLC Scientists have earned their Ph.D. in either clinical, developmental, counseling, quantitative, or school psychology. Each publishes extensively in scientific literature, and collectively OSLC scientists have produced more than 1,000 publications. OSLC scientists regularly present research results at international, national, regional, and/or state conferences.