United Way’s Social Innovation Fund Award. Preparing kindergartners and their families for success.

August 31, 2015


Imagine every kindergartner in Lane County starting school with the best skills for success — a love of learning, early literacy and numeracy skills, social skills, self-regulation and parent support. Those kindergartners’ first year would become a solid foundation for future achievements in school and beyond. This vision is possible with the Kids in Transition to School Social Innovation Fund (SIF) Grant.

Ready-to-learn kindergartners:

  • Enjoy reading success on tests in 3rd and 8th grade
  • Stronger family-to-school connections
  • Graduate from high school and college
  • Attract better jobs to their communities

What is KITS?
KITS is an evidence-based school readiness program that uses a unique two-generation approach to boost children’s literacy, self-regulation and social skills just prior to kindergarten. KITS also supports families through the transition to kindergarten, sharing successful strategies for encouraging their young learners.

What is the SIF Grant?
The Social Innovation Fund positions the federal government as a catalyst for impact by mobilizing private resources to find and grow community solutions with evidence of results.

How Can You Help?
Become a KITS Partner and bring this innovative program into your community.

Donate and help United Way of Lane County raise the matching funds needed to support this great opportunity for children and families to thrive.