Mike Stoolmiller, Ph.D.

Affiliated Scientist
Oregon Social Learning Center

Primary Research and Clinical Interests

Dr. Stoolmiller, PhD, is currently a research associate at the University of Oregon, College of Education and also runs a private consulting company, Research & Statistical Consulting, with world headquarters in Marquette, Michigan. Dr. Stoolmiller received his training in counseling and educational psychology at the University of Oregon. He spent 15 years at OSLC working as a methodologist with Jerry Patterson and Deborah Capaldi on the Oregon Youth Study, with John Reid and Mark Eddy on the LIFT intervention and the Prevention Intervention Research Center project, and as a Co-Investigator with James Snyder from Wichita State University on the School Transitions Project. Dr. Stoolmiller’s research has focused on studying family and peer social influences on the development of antisocial behavior during childhood and early adolescent with a special emphasis on developing coding systems for observing behavior and statistical methods for the analysis of social interaction data. Dr. Stoolmiller’s research has been rejected by some of the top journals in psychology with an occasional publication slipping through the cracks and into a peer reviewed journal or book. His thoughtful and provocative writing recently led the editor of the local newspaper, The Mining Journal, to rethink their policy on letters to the editor and limit contributions to 1 letter per month. Dr. Stoolmiller has been endowed with a chair that is very comfortable and affords an excellent view of downtown Marquette. When he has time, he runs in the forested hills surrounding Marquette and bikes with the Kitchi-Mi-Kana bike club.