Jennifer Cearley, Ph.D.

Affiliated Scientist
Oregon Social Learning Center

Primary Research and Clinical Interests

Dr. Cearley has been with OSLC since 2000.  She worked on several intervention studies at OSLC before finishing her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership with an emphasis on Human Services in 2008.  Currently, she is working as a post-doctoral fellow on the Child Study, a randomized controlled trial of a long-term professional mentoring program for at-risk urban youth.  Dr. Cearley has worked with youth in the Juvenile Justice System since 1999, and is very interested in conducting research to build programming both for youth involved in the Juvenile Justice System, as well as early intervention for youth in the community at risk of becoming involved with the system.  Her dissertation research involved an analysis of the development of antisocial behavior in girls compared to boys in a sample of youth were previously involved with the Oregon Youth Authority, and she continues to have strong interest in conducting research that may benefit these youth.  Additional interests of Dr. Cearley’s include re-entry from correctional institutions to the community and work with the children of incarcerated parents.