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OSLC Developments, Inc.

OSLC Developments Inc. is inspired to improve the healthy development of children and families through effective programs conducted in collaboration with Oregon Social Learning Center.

Center for Drug Abuse Prevention

The Center for Drug Abuse Prevention in the Child Welfare System (CDAP-CWS) brings together scientists and national experts who are dedicated to advancing and influencing the application of scientific knowledge and policies in the Child Welfare System.

SNAP Research Laboratory

The STRESS NEUROBIOLOGY AND PREVENTION (SNAP) research laboratory. SNAP is a developmental translational research laboratory. The work focuses on three inter-related areas: (1) characterizing how stressful experiences that occur in infancy and childhood (2) employing randomized clinical trials to examine the effects of preventive interventions on the plasticity of these neural systems, and (3) impacting policy and practice towards high risk children and families by documenting the cost-effectiveness of preventive interventions, disseminating evidence-based preventive interventions.

Implementation Sciences International

Implementation Sciences International, Inc. (ISII) is an independent organization that was founded in 2001. ISII is dedicated to providing training for mental health professionals in Parent Management Training – the Oregon Model (PMTO), an evidence-based program that was developed by OSLC researchers.

TFCO Consultants

TFCO Consultants, Inc., is an independent organization that was founded in 2002, and is dedicated to the implementation of community-based programs that are cost effective and achieve positive outcomes for children, youth, and families. TFCO Consultants, Inc., specializes in implementing model-adherent Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO) programs, evidence-based programs that were developed by OSLC researchers.

Children’s Justice Alliance

The Children’s Justice Alliance is an independent organization founded in 2004 that serves as the organizing entity for a variety of partner programs that provide services for children of those involved in the criminal justice system and their families. CJA trains practitioners in the delivery of Parenting Inside Out (PIO), a research informed program developed through collaboration between OSLC scientists and the Oregon Department of Corrections.

Oregon Research Institute

Oregon Research Institute (ORI) is an independent research institute focused on studying human behavior and developing programs to improve the health and well being of individuals, families and communities. The original ORI was founded in 1960. In 1976, ORI split into several independent research organizations, including OSLC and a “new” ORI.

Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior

The Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior (IVDB) is a research and service institute within the University of Oregon that was founded in 1994 by Dr. Hill Walker, professor in the College of Education and former longtime chair of the OSLC Board of Directors. The mission of IVDB is to empower schools and social service agencies to address violence and destructive behavior, at the point of school entry and beyond, in order to ensure safety and to facilitate the academic achievement and healthy social development of children and youth. Dr. Jeff Sprague, a member of the OSLC Institutional Review Board, currently co-directs the IVDB with Dr. Walker.

University of Oregon Department of Psychology

The Oregon Social Learning Center was started by Dr. Gerald R. Patterson when he was a professor in the University of Oregon Department of Psychology. Seven of our current research scientists, including OSLC co-founders Dr. Patterson and Dr. John B. Reid, received graduate training in the clinical and/or developmental areas of the department. A variety of OSLC scientists work with students and/or collaborate with professors from the department.

University of Oregon College of Education

Researchers, faculty, and students from the University Of Oregon College of Education have collaborated with scientists in the OSLC group since 1966.