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Dong, O., Wheeler, S. B., Cruden, G., Lee, C. R., Voora, D., Dusetzina, S. B., & Wiltshire, T. (2020). Cost-effectiveness of multi-gene pharmacogenetic testing in acute coronary syndrome patients following percutaneous coronary intervention. Value in Health, 23, 61-73. doi:10.1016/j.jval.2019.08.002

Cruden, G., Frerichs, L., Powell, B.J. et al. Developing a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Tool to Support the Adoption of Evidence-Based Child Maltreatment Prevention Programs. Prev Sci 21, 1059–1064 (2020).  doi:10.1007/s11121-020-01174-8. To access the tool described in this article, please click here.