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Intervening in the Lives of Youth with Foster Care Involvement

Principal Investigator: Stacey S. Tiberio, Ph.D. ; Katherine C. Pears, Ph.D.

There are alarming disparities in the prevalence of mental health disorders and suicide between youth with a history of foster care involvement (FCI) and their peers. The few preventive interventions specifically designed for youth with FCI have generally examined effects on less specific, immediate “problem” behaviors rather than specific mental health disorders. By leveraging data from seven randomized control trials, the current project could positively impact the lives of these youth by enabling us to understand if and for how long preventative interventions implemented early in life may have positive impacts on the mental health of youth with FCI, as well as the mechanisms through which the interventions may operate, and for which subpopulations the interventions might be most efficacious.

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