New Child Study Center Formed

February 18, 1960

by Register-Guard Staff

A new Child Study Center, designed to help disturbed children and their families, and at the same time train advanced graduate students, has been formed at the University of Oregon.

The center is located in a two-story residential white house at 1572 Columbia St. The new center includes the former Child Guidance Clinic at Condon Hall and has space for research. G.R. Patterson, assistant professor of psychology, is in charge of the clinic.

The department of psychology will administer the center, with funds from the United States Public Health Service.

Staff members are Laurel Hodgden, assistant professor of psychology, a child psychologist; R. E. Buehler, associate professor of psychology; F. R. Fosmire, associate professor of psychology; and J. H. Straughan, assistant professor of psychology, all clinical psychologists.

Assisting will be Dr. Reid Kimball, of Eugene, who will serve as psychiatric consultant, and Mrs. Anne Glass, of Eugene, social worker.

Patterson said the clinic would help children ranging in age from 1 to 17. The children are referred to the clinic for such reasons as extreme withdrawal, inability to communicate, or delinquent acts.

Parents, too, will participate in the treatment, Patterson said. Group therapy will be one of the methods used.

First, Patterson said, the parents “try to understand themselves; later we try to help them understand their kids.”

In addition to facilities for work with disturbed children, one half of the building has been set aside for use in research on clinical problems concerning normal children.

Reprinted with permission. Copyright 1960, The Register-Guard,