Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Actions & Updates

We are committed to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organizations and holding ourselves accountable. We will be posting regular updates about our progress. Below are our updates as of early 2021:



  • Created a DEI subcommittee, including drafting and obtaining approval of a subcommittee charter
  • Dedicated an annual budget for DEI efforts
  • Incorporated a standing agenda item to discuss diversity, equity, inclusion topics at committee meetings, board meetings, and monthly organization-wide meetings
  • Hired a DEI Consultant: Dr. Johnny Lake
  • Completed the first professional-led DEI discussion for scientists with Dr. Lake
  • Added Juneteenth as a holiday for OSLC employees
  • Started holding monthly Brown Bag Chat to open up space at OSLC/ODI to generate dialog and conversations around DEI issues, including an anonymous staff feedback survey after each one (see full schedule below)
  • Increased use of pronouns in everyday meetings (in names on Zoom, in email signatures, etc.)
  • Collected resources from staff to share internally and externally

Image that says "Juneteenth: Freedom Day"

Plans in Motion for 2021-22:

  • More trainings for staff, scientists, and our Boards of Directors with our DEI consultant  Dr. Johnny Lake
  • Monthly Brown Bag Chats (see schedule below)
  • Hanging welcoming posters and signs related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (which were chosen by our employees) in common spaces and individual offices

Some Next Steps in the Works:

  • Spanish translations of OSLC and ODI webpages
  • Updating recruitment and hiring policies to improve DEI, as well as practices to improve retention
  • Identifying and measuring metrics to evaluate DEI efforts and progress
  • Working to create a gender-neutral bathroom space
  • Creating an official OSLC/ODI policy and protocol for when to call crisis response (CAHOOTS) instead of calling the police
  • Continuing conversations about representing minority experiences
  • Finding ways to increase use of people first language
  • Noticing and replacing culturally appropriative language in our vernacular
  • Finding ways to create a culture shift towards being open to feedback and correction around DEI topics, and creating ways to reinforce people stepping forward to provide feedback and people receiving that feedback gracefully
  • Improving knowledge on being an effective ally
  • Learning more about the tribes that are/were originally located in the Eugene/Springfield area
  • Looking at the way we ask questions in research around sexual orientation, gender, race, and ethnicity, and what options are given as answers on forms we have families fill out
  • Adding a column within our internal database to include pronouns and encourage staff to check in on participants’ pronouns regularly
  • Sharing resources to improve our use of culturally appropriate language
  • Improving knowledge of how we can create a more inclusive culture

List of all DEI brown bag chat topics

Find more information about our work to improve diversity, equity and inclusion: 

See our DEI statement here     |     See our BLM statement here     |     See our AAPI statement here     |     See our DEI Resources here