Based on Research Conducted at OSLC

Follow-up During Young Adulthood of Participants in a School-Based Randomized Preventive Intervention Trial.

Project Overview

Linking the Interests of Families and Teachers (LIFT) is a research intervention program designed to prevent the development of aggressive and antisocial behavior. Since the program began in 1990, classes from 12 schools located in neighborhoods with a higher-than-average rate of juvenile crime from the Eugene/Springfield area have participated.

Schools were selected at random to participate as either a prevention or enrichment school and to include either the 1st or 5th grade classes. All families in the selected grade level were asked to participate.

The enrichment school participants participated in the assessment-only phase of the program. The assessment included observations on the playground, peer ratings, teacher ratings, family interviews, parent and child questionnaires, family interaction tasks, and school and court record queries.

In addition to the assessment described, the prevention school participants received an intervention designed to prevent problem behaviors from developing or progressing by simultaneously influencing parents, teachers, and children to

  1. enhance family interactions,
  2. increase prosocial and reduce negative peer interactions, and
  3. improve the coordination between home and school.

The effectiveness of the intervention was evaluated through a research design that included pre-intervention, post-intervention, and yearly follow-up assessments of all participants. In addition, these assessments provide an opportunity to comprehensively examine the factors that support or impede the success of important transitions children and families make as their youngster begins elementary school and moves into middle school, high school, and young adulthood.

Year Project Began: 2004
Funder: National Institute of Mental Health

Principal Investigator: