Based on Research Conducted at OSLC

Experimental Mediation Research Aimed at Enhancing Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment

Project Overview

This study aims to increase effectiveness of family-based Contingency Management (CM) by leveraging a key mechanism of CM: parent management skills. CM is an evidence-based practice for treating substance abuse in teens. The project will involve families seeking treatment at one of two outpatient clinics: Centro Latino Americano (CLA) or OSLC Developments, Inc. (ODI). Both are Medicaid-approved, HIPAA-compliant clinics. For purposes of the study, the ODI clinic will be used to provide a participant stream for recruitment. However, this is an OSLC study (i.e., OSLC is the awardee of the grant; and the study operates under the direction of OSLC Investigators).

Year Project Began: 2017
Funder: National Institute on Drug Abuse

Principal Investigator:


Formerly Affiliated Co-Investigators:

  • Ashli J. Sheidow, Ph.D.
  • Jason E. Chapman, Ph.D.