Oregon Social Learning Center News

July 21, 1966

Projects, Dollars Keep Rolling In to Institute

by Don Robinson of The Register-Guard About the time research dollars began raining from the federal heavens, Paul Hoffman held out a basket. That is an accurate if incomplete explanation of the success of what may be the world’s only think tank with stained glass windows, the Oregon Research Institute. Eight years ago, ORI Director […]

August 29, 1965

Joe Doakes and the O.R.I.: Recognizing somebody you know quite well may seem like a cinch, but psychologists still can’t figure out how in the world you do it

by Dan Sellard of The Register-Guard When you walk down the street and see good old Joe Doakes coming, you just know it’s old Joe. You’re sure. But what did you do to recognize him? Ears, clothes, big nose, small eyes–what process did you use? Did you eliminate certain factors to come to a conclusion? […]

May 19, 1963

It’s Marble Season at Child Study Center

by Register-Guard Staff Contrary to a common American opinion, mothers are no more effective in training their children than fathers, providing both parents spend approximately the same amount of time with their children. This is one of the findings of Gerald R. Patterson, associate professor of psychology at University of Oregon, who has been studying […]

October 25, 1961

UO Researchers Eye Youngsters’ Behavior

by Register-Guard Staff If you are a parent, one of the strongest influences you have on your children’s behavior is your own approval or disapproval. Studies by psychologists at the University of Oregon are showing that approval given by parents is a major factor in influencing the behavior of their children. The data collected by […]

April 3, 1961

Psychologists Plan Research on Behavior of Eugene Children

by Register-Guard Staff Why does a child use certain words, mannerisms, facial expression? How is his overall behavior pattern formed? How much influence do his parents have? With the help of a small house trailer, special electronic equipment and the cooperation of Eugene parents and children, a University of Oregon team of psychologists will soon […]

February 18, 1960

New Child Study Center Formed

by Register-Guard Staff A new Child Study Center, designed to help disturbed children and their families, and at the same time train advanced graduate students, has been formed at the University of Oregon. The center is located in a two-story residential white house at 1572 Columbia St. The new center includes the former Child Guidance […]

March 4, 1956

Answers to Children’s Behavior Sought

by Ken Metzler of The Register-Guard As a parent you may have asked yourself whether you should spank your children. It is, in fact, one of the frequently asked questions at the recently-established (since January, 1955) University of Oregon child guidance clinic. The answer is not simple. But, for what it’s worth, Norman D. Sundberg, […]