Oregon Social Learning Center News

November 26, 1990

Pressure on for Better Child Care System

by Cynthia Whitfield of The Register-Guard Amid nationwide concerns about the availability and quality of child care, a growing number of parents and experts say the present system of full-time care for infants and young children has problems this country is only beginning to discover and address. An increasing number of children at progressively younger […]

November 18, 1990

Teens Get Short Shrift in Foster Care

by Randi Bjornstad of The Register-Guard Each time Susie and Chuck Watkins open their door to a troubled teenager, they wonder what will happen. After several years of operating a 14-bed group home known as Hosanna, the Springfield couple know that teens who have been abused and neglected by their own parents are capable of […]

April 5, 1988

Center Gets $4 Million Grant to Study Delinquency

by James Plourde of The Register-Guard A sizable fraction of today’s young boys will become tomorrow’s delinquents. Dr. Gerald Patterson is trying to figure out which ones. “Anti-social behavior by young boys can be prototypic of adolescent delinquency–it’s really a juvenile form of the same thing,” says Patterson, a research scientist at the Oregon Social […]

November 15, 1987

Learning Center to Hold Open House

by Register-Guard Staff The Oregon Social Learning Center will hold an open house at noon Friday to mark the opening of a new treatment center in Eugene. The Patterson Annex, a 3,000 square foot building recently acquired and remodeled by OSLC, will serve as operating center for three OSLC programs that provide specialized foster care […]

November 20, 1986

Waging War on War Toys

by Don Bishoff of The Register-Guard Will the kid who fires a Rambo water machine gun be more likely to punch a friend today or push the button to start World War III tomorrow? The peaceful folk who make up the Eugene-based Families for Survival think so. They contend that “war toys” — meaning everything […]

April 6, 1986

Twins Double Psychologists’ Insight

by James Plourde of The Register-Guard Despite their prominence in the zodiac and occasional mention in the titillating headlines of supermarket tabloids, most twins lead relatively normal lives. But normal or not, twins provide scientists with unique research opportunities, and Hill Goldsmith, a University of Oregon psychology professor, believes the study of twins may offer […]

March 10, 1985

Parenthood Training Promoted

by Carolyn Kortge of The Register-Guard Although far more students are likely to become parents than computer programmers, most schools offer far more instruction in computer operations than they do in preparation for the profession of parenthood, says an Oregon State University professor who believes educational priorities should be revised. “You find very few schools […]

October 1, 1983

Raising Kids

by James Q. Wilson of The Atlantic Monthly Psychologists are helping parents to control bratty behavior by teaching them how and when to use rewards and punishments “When I met him, he was six and a half years of age. There was nothing about his appearance that identified him as the boy who had set […]

April 3, 1981

Psychologists Plan Research on Behavior of Eugene Children

by Register-Guard Staff Why does a child use certain words, mannerisms, facial expression? How is his overall behavior pattern formed? How much influence do his parents have? With the help of a small house trailer, special electronic equipment and the cooperation of Eugene parents and children, a University of Oregon team of psychologists will soon […]

March 15, 1981

Raising Kids to be Non-Sexist

by Sally Casis Cheriel of The Register-Guard When Pediatrician Dr. Benjamin Spock came out with his “Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care” in 1946, he suggested that a father get close to his son by playing baseball with him, and show appreciation of his daughter by complimenting her on her new dress or […]