Oregon Social Learning Center News

November 8, 2001

Romanians Visit Agency Noted for Work with Kids: The Social Workers Learn Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Children

by the Register-Guard Staff Four Romanians sit at a one-way window watching three Eugene preschoolers at play. The youngsters paint, chatter amiably, eat snacks and clean up after themselves. What’s remarkable here, explains foster care caseworker Kin Bronz, is what’s missing. When these children came to the program last year, they were unmanageable, incapable of […]

September 28, 2001

Student Survey Tracks Latinos School Issues: The Project Identifies Factors that Work Against Latino Kids Graduating from School

by Jeff Wright of The Register-Guard A new survey that says parents and schools can better address a worrisome Latino high school dropout rate was conducted by researchers who should have some insight into the problem – Latino students themselves. The Latino Youth Project Survey, nearly three years in the making, identifies a range of […]

July 15, 2001

Census and Sensibility

by Diane Dietz of The Register Guard New census figures shed some light on why Eugene is, well, so Eugene. They help explain why every July for three decades the town’s otherwise responsible citizenry – executives, probation officers, ex-state lawmakers – cast off their suits, ties, pumps and hose for a weekend of revelry at […]

April 9, 2001

Strong Teaching Staff Key to School

by The Register-Guard Staff Name: Clear Lake Elementary School Grades: Kindergarten through 5 Address: 4646 Barger Drive School District: Bethel Area served: Generally, the area north of Barger Drive, east of Terry Street, near WinCo and around Belt Line Road. Principal: Betsy Fernandez How long on the job: She’s in her third year. Before that, […]

April 7, 2001

Criminals and Their Kids

by The Register-Guard Staff A state panel would be created to recommend to the 2003 Legislature ways to help children bond with incarcerated parents under a bill unanimously approved by a House Judiciary subcommittee. The bill sent to the full committee on Thursday, House Bill 3037, involves the estimated 13,500 Oregon children who have a […]

January 17, 1999

Juvenile Funding: What Age to Target?

by Diane Dietz of The Register-Guard Republicans like babies. Democrats say teens can’t be ignored. That difference between the two political parties doomed juvenile crime legislation in the 1997 session of the Legislature, and it could very well do so again, some lawmakers are saying. But nobody seems to have a clear answer for why […]

November 23, 1998

‘World-Class’ and Right Here

by The Register-Guard Staff Terrie Moffitt, an internationally known expert on juvenile delinquency, got the jitters before addressing a hushed anteroom at the University of Oregon library recently. The audience of suit-wearing psychologists, who waited politely on folding chairs, didn’t appear intimidating. But many in the room were connected with the Eugene-based Oregon Social Learning […]

The Best Hope

by The Register-Guard Staff Her husband was long gone. He was imprisoned by the time her first son was born, and he was dead when her second son most needed raising. She moved the boys from California to Oregon, as far away from that past as she dared go. She got off welfare, got steady […]

November 22, 1998

Changing Violent Kids Takes Innovation, Time

by Diane Dietz of The Register-Guard Once boys become violent, nobody knows for sure how to make them change. Decades of programs have failed them. The 5 percent of boys who commit most of the serious violent crimes seem to be on a tragic trajectory that ends only when they do something terrible. “The force […]

November 21, 1998

Long-term Studies Can Narrow Solutions

by Diane Dietz of The Register-Guard By studying large populations of children as they grow, researchers are beginning to describe how kids develop into violent teenagers. Their studies are rapidly becoming the foundation for steering violence- bound kids onto a more hopeful course. Here are some of the key studies. Gerald Patterson, researcher at the […]