Yearly Archives: 1998

November 23, 1998

‘World-Class’ and Right Here

by The Register-Guard Staff Terrie Moffitt, an internationally known expert on juvenile delinquency, got the jitters before addressing a hushed anteroom at the University of Oregon library recently. The audience of suit-wearing psychologists, who waited politely on folding chairs, didn’t appear intimidating. But many in the room were connected with the Eugene-based Oregon Social Learning […]

The Best Hope

by The Register-Guard Staff Her husband was long gone. He was imprisoned by the time her first son was born, and he was dead when her second son most needed raising. She moved the boys from California to Oregon, as far away from that past as she dared go. She got off welfare, got steady […]

November 22, 1998

Changing Violent Kids Takes Innovation, Time

by Diane Dietz of The Register-Guard Once boys become violent, nobody knows for sure how to make them change. Decades of programs have failed them. The 5 percent of boys who commit most of the serious violent crimes seem to be on a tragic trajectory that ends only when they do something terrible. “The force […]

November 21, 1998

Long-term Studies Can Narrow Solutions

by Diane Dietz of The Register-Guard By studying large populations of children as they grow, researchers are beginning to describe how kids develop into violent teenagers. Their studies are rapidly becoming the foundation for steering violence- bound kids onto a more hopeful course. Here are some of the key studies. Gerald Patterson, researcher at the […]

Bound for Violence

by The Register-Guard Staff Editor’s Note: This story contains offensive language at the end. As a general rule, such language is considered unprintable at this newspaper, but we made an exception with this series. The intent is not to offend or gratuitously shock, but to allow readers to glimpse the kinds of extreme behavior manifested […]

June 24, 1998

Attention Camp Helps Kids, Parents Face ADHD

by Lisa Grubbs of The Wyoming Tribune-Eagle Success and self-discipline are among the qualities counselors hope to instill in children at the Wyoming Attention Camp Program. The camp, which takes place at St. Mary’s Elementary School, emphasizes self-control skills and success in school settings, and is for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ADHD, […]

May 31, 1998

Potentially Deadly Youngsters Not Common

by Bob Keefer of The Register-Guard His teacher called the boy “reptilian.” “He was really, truly evil. There was nothing there. He was cold. The lying. He talked about death and killing all the time and would draw graphic pictures of death and dismemberment.” The Lane County teacher, who reported the child’s behavior to the […]

May 22, 1998

Sure Violence Cure? Lock Schools Down

by Tad Shannon of The Register-Guard Schools must adopt stringent security measures similar to airports if they want to avoid tragedies such Thursday’s shootings at Thurston High School, a University of Oregon authority on youth violence said. “We have to stop the shooting before we can do anything meaningful about long-term prevention,” said Hill Walker, […]

May 13, 1998

Youth Violence: Society’s Problem

by Hill Walker for The Register-Guard Some years ago, my colleagues and I were developing a program for intervening with very aggressive children who teased and bullied others during school recess. Ritchie, a second grader, was referred as a likely candidate for the intervention. During a playground recess period, I was observing him to see […]

April 3, 1998

Professor Dead at 60

by The Register-Guard Staff University of Oregon (UO) Psychology professor Beverly Fagot of Eugene, a prominent figure in child development research, died March 27 of complications from breast cancer. She was 60. “It’s a great loss to psychology. It’s a great loss to the university. It’s a great loss to the many friends she had […]