Bowen McBeath, Ph.D.

Affiliated Scientist
Oregon Social Learning Center

Primary Research and Clinical Interests

Dr. McBeath is a Professor in the School of Social Work and Hatfield School of Government (Division of Public Administration) at Portland State University. He is interested in organizational factors informing the development, translation, and diffusion of youth-centered and culturally informed evidence-based practices for child welfare populations. One current line of investigation concerns the development, testing, and implementation of interventions promoting sibling and peer relationship development for youth in foster care. Another area of research involves the institutional and organizational factors informing the implementation and diffusion of evidence-based practices and evidence-informed practice at the frontline and managerial levels. His research has been supported by NIH institutes including NICHD, NIDA, and NIMH as well as the W.T. Grant Foundation, among others. He has received many national awards and honors for his scholarship and research, and has served on the boards of national social work scientific organizations. He received his MSW and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.

Recent Publications

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