Scientist NameLatino Youth and Family Empowerment Study - II

Oregon Social Learning Center

Principal Investigator: Charles R. Martinez Jr.
Co-Investigators: J. Mark Eddy, John Reid, David DeGarmo
Project Coordinator: Betsy Ruth
Year Project Began: 2006
Funder: National Institute on Drug Abuse

A study of the delivery and a test of the adapted version of OSLC’s Parent-Management Training to Latino families.

The LYFE-II study is designed to deliver and test with Latino families a culturally adapted version of OSLC's Parent Management Training. We want to discover if the parenting methods taught in the program have an effect on how successfully Latino parents communicate with and guide their children and if there are differences between families with children born in the U.S compared to those born in other Latin American countries. The study involves 240 Latino families with youngsters in the 6th through 8th grade, about half of whom are foreign-born and half born in the U.S. All families are involved in the study for approximately 2 years and are interviewed five times. Fifty percent of the families in the study received the Parent Management Training and 50% received services as usual.

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