Whether you are raising foster, adopted or birth children, this parenting approach will give you the tools and the techniques to help change a child’s undesirable, problem behavior. The practical handbook describes in detail what you need to know; the DVD offers the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned. This curriculum helps foster, adoptive, step or birth parents: 1) Discover how disruptive behavior can be changed, whatever a child’s age; 2) Recognize “acting out” and “hidden” behaviors and know how to respond to both; 3) Understand the nature of positive, effective discipline and how to apply it using encouragement, behavior contracts, time out, setting limits and removing privileges; 4) Practice using these tools by working with a DVD portraying realistic family situations; 5) Know when to call for help and where to get help; 6) Experience cooperation in the home — and enjoy being parents. (Publisher: Northwest Media, Eugene, OR. Date: 2002)